John & Lynda



Label: EMI EMC 3183

Release Date: June 1977

Running Time:  46 minutes

The follow up to the massively successful 'King Cotton' album was 'Telling Tales'.  Once again produced by the group themselves, despite not making the charts as its predecessor had,  the album does feature some  cracking material.  A cover of Gracie Fields' 'Fred Fannakapan' would become a staple of the Fivepenny repertoire over the next few years,  whilst a song about visiting an old school teacher 'Miss Nightingale' provided one of the most memorable compositions from John and Colin.  Another song 'The Teacher' by contrast is a comic number centered around the pronunciation of the lanky.  'Old Tom The Weaver' bemoans the loss of an artisan whilst 'Faithless Weaver' details an out of wedlock pregnancy coupled with a pop tune and Lynda's always amazing voice. The song 'Butterflies and Songbirds' had already been released as a 1974 single B-side and here has been re-recorded for the album. This was the second album to have an inner sleeve with the lyrics printed on it.

Engineer:  Peter Tattersall
Drummer:  Phil Barlow

Cassette TC-EMC 3183

Side 1

  1. Write Me A Song (J. Meeks / C. Radcliffe)
  2. Fred Fannakapan (Reg Low)
  3. Tummeld In (M. Smith / J. Meeks)
  4. I Ask The Question (Who Am I?) (J. Meeks / C. Radcliffe)
  5. Albert’s Apple Tree (J. Meeks / C. Radcliffe)
  6. My Friend The Mirror (J. Meeks / C. Radcliffe)
  7. Miss Nightingale (J. Meeks / C. Radcliffe)
  8. Spanish Holiday (Peter Christie)

Side 2

  1. Hand Me Down Trousers (J. Meeks / C. Radcliffe)
  2. Boozer’s Lament (J. Johnson  / J. Meeks / C. Radcliffe)
  3. The Faithless Weaver (J. Meeks / C. Radcliffe)

    4. Doctor Duck And Sailor Sam (J. Meeks / C. Radcliffe)
    5. The Teacher (N. Brackin / J. Meeks)
    6. Butterflies And Songbirds (J. Meeks / C. Radcliffe)
    7. Old Tom The Weaver (J. Meeks / C. Radcliffe)
    8. Paddle Your Own Canoe (J. Meeks / C. Radcliffe / G. Radcliffe)


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