John & Lynda



Label:  Big Jim Productions FPLS001

Release:  October 2022

Format:  CD-R

Running Time: 55 minutes

50 years since the release of the very first best selling Fivepenny Piece album for EMI comes a celebratory CD.  Master tapes were discovered of studio sessions long thought wiped, showcasing the original Fivepenny Piece at their peak.  A mixture of Fivepenny favourites,  unreleased songs by John Meeks and Colin Radcliffe recorded by the group and a few folk classics.  20 of the tracks have been digitally restored after almost half a century of being locked away undiscovered.
Six of the tracks are versions of songs that appeared on the very first Fivepenny Piece album The Fivepenny Piece in April 1972,  making this 50th anniversary release a true celebration.

Track List:

  1. The Lady Came From Baltimore (Tim Hardin)
  2. They Tell Us Owt (John Meeks / Colin Radcliffe / Eddie Crotty)
  3. Hello Sunshine Goodbye Rain* (John Meeks / Colin Radcliffe)
  4. Lord Of The Dance (Sydney Carter)
  5. Home Made Brew (John Meeks / Colin Radcliffe / Eddie Crotty)
  6. Little Green Apples (Bobby Russell)
  7. Ee By Gum (John Meeks / Colin Radcliffe / Eddie Crotty)
  8. The Boxer (Paul Simon)
  9. Mountain Climber (John Meeks / Colin Radcliffe)
  10. Running Free (John Meeks / Colin Radcliffe)
  11. The Evening Is For Shadows* (John Meeks / Colin Radcliffe)
  12. Bye Bye Cinderella* (John Meeks / Colin Radcliffe)
  13. It's A Shame* (John Meeks / Colin Radcliffe)
  14. Brown Photographs (John Meeks / Colin Radcliffe)
  15. As Bitter As The Wind* (John Meeks / Colin Radcliffe)
  16. There's A Great Deal Of Difference (John Meeks / Colin Radcliffe)
  17. The Passing Of Today (John Meeks / Colin Radcliffe)
  18. Watering Can (John Meeks / Colin Radcliffe)
  19. Reflections Of Emily (John Meeks / Colin Radcliffe)
  20. Big Jim (John Meeks / Colin Radcliffe / Eddie Crotty)

* First time ever release of song

PLEASE NOTE:  This is an archive release.  Although the audio restoration has been thorough, the age of the tapes mean some imperfections have been unavoidable.   Please make sure your CD player can play the CD-R format.  Some older players might not support this format.


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