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Label: EMI EMC 3129
Release Date: June 1976
Running Time:  39 minutes

The pinnacle of the Fivepenny's sales of albums,  reaching no. 9 in the national album charts.  The Fivepenny's had been riding high in 1976 with a fortnightly residency on Esther Rantzen's hugely popular BBC consumer show That's Life and also with an episode of The Camera & The Song devoted to their music on BBC2.  The group capitalised on the favourable reception of the BBC2 showcase by making the album in the same vain, with the songs interspersed with excerpts from 'Brown Photographs'.  A heavy brass presence was used too,  adding to the northern feel of the record.  The song they wrote especially for The Camera & The Song 'King Cotton' became the title track.  Another landmark track was 'Watercolour Morning' which was issued as a single (although once again, the single didn't make the charts unlike its parent album).  This is the first album that the group produced themselves,  making the success of the album critically and commercially all the more impressive.   This album was the first to include an inner sleeve with the lyrics to the songs printed on it,.  a bonus that would also be included on the next two Fivepenny studio albums.


Musical arrangements by Harry Robinson
Recording Engineers Peter Tattersall and Tony Clark

Side 1

  1. King Cotton (J. Meeks / C. Radcliffe)
  2. Mi Gronny (Samuel Laycock / J. Meeks)
  3. Watercolour Morning (J. Meeks / C. Radcliffe)
  4. Hear All, See All, Say Nowt (Noel Gay)
  5. People Said (J. Meeks / C. Radcliffe)
  6. Affluence (J. Meeks / C. Radcliffe / E. Crotty)

Side 2

  1. Where There’s Muck There’s Brass (J. Meeks / C. Radcliffe)
  2. Stamford Street Lament (J. Meeks / Ashton)
  3. TV Addict (J. Meeks / C. Radcliffe)
  4. Sail Away Tin Soldier Friend (J. Meeks / C. Radcliffe)

    5.  The Football Match  (J. Meeks / E. Crotty)
    6.  Old England (J. Meeks / C. Radcliffe)

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