John & Lynda



Label: BDA BDLP 001

Release Date: 1983

Running Time:  43 minutes

Line Up:  Eddie Crotty,  Colin Radcliffe,  George Radcliffe,  Trevor Chance,  Andrea Mullins

This album was the start of a new era for Fivepenny Piece. Both John and Lynda had departed the group to be replaced by Trevor Chance and Andrea Mullins respectively. The loss of Lynda's stunning voice and a bedrock of the Fivepenny sound is perhaps the most noticeable difference.  Having failed to find support at a major label, the album was released by BDA Records,  a small label owned by the bands manager Brian Durkin.  Bob Barratt returned to the producers chair after an absence of eight years.  'Mountain Climber' and 'Big Jim' are dusted off for the faithful.  'Four Bare Legs In A Bed' is a typical Fivepenny comic song on the merits of marriage.  'The Kestrel' is an impressive homage to freedom and 'Waterloo Silent Band' finds an unusual group of musicians in the Lancashire (now Merseyside) town. 

Producer:  BOB BARRATT

Side 1

  1. Mountain Climber (J. Meeks / C. Radcliffe)
  2. Four Bare Legs In A Bed (T. Chance / C. Radcliffe)
  3. Sometimes When We Touch (D. Hill / B. Man)
  4. The Air Hostess (N. Brackin)
  5. The Kestrel (T. Chance / C. Radcliffe)

    6. Wine Women & Song (T. Chance / R. Turner)
    7. Soft Summer Nights (T. Chance)

Side 2

  1. Waterloo Silent Band (C. Radcliffe / G. Radcliffe / T. Chance)
  2. In A World Of Three Foot Nothing (T. Chance / C. Radcliffe)
  3. Sowie (T. Chance / C. Radcliffe)
  4. Bottoms Up! (N. Brackin)
  5. The Twelfth Of Never (Livingston / Webster)
  6. The Ballad Of Emmy Lou (T. Chance / C. Radcliffe)
  7. Big Jim (J. Meeks / C. Radcliffe / E. Crotty)

The album was subsequently released as a CD-R in 2000, catalogue number BDA BDLK

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