John & Lynda


Label: EMI Columbia DB 8556

Release Date: 4 February 1972

The band’s third single – released some three years after Hang The Flag Out Mrs Jones – was released up front of the arrival of the band’s debut album with both tracks also appearing on the album.

There’s A Great Deal Of Difference is a medium-paced song with a brass-led accompaniment, and although it is pleasant to listen to, it was perhaps not the best choice for a single. In contrast, Ee By Gum, which appears on the B -side – and remains one the band’s most popular songs – might have been a better choice!

Side 1

    1. There’s A Great Deal Of Difference (John Meeks – Colin Radcliffe)

Side 2

    1. Ee By Gum (John Meeks – Colin Radcliffe – Eddie Crotty)

The strings and horns arrangement on There’s A Great Deal Of Difference are credited to Colin Fletcher, while the producer is EMI’s Bob Barratt.

The single was released in Denmark on Capitol Records and had a picture sleeve cover.

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