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BIG JIM / EE BY GUM  (1975 versions)

Label: EMI 2258

Release Date: 31st January 1975

This is a strange, and slightly desperate, attempt by EMI to chart the band on the back of new recordings of well-loved and established songs from The Fivepenny Piece repertoire – Big Jim and Ee By Gum, both re-recorded for this release.  For this release the word 'bloody' was substituted for 'ruddy' in the chorus,  as there were some objections from radio stations to what was seen by some as a swear word in the song. 

Big Jim is one of the The Fivepenny Piece’s most popular and best-remembered songs, telling the tale of the mighty Scottish worm fed on an unusual diet. There are three different recordings of the song – this 1975 single was a new recording; and is different from the original recording that appeared on the band’s debut 1972 The Fivepenny Piece album (and both are different from the version that appeared on the 1980s Here We Are Again album).

The single was released in January – traditionally the ‘slow period’ in the industry – and one can assume that EMI were hoping that the band’s fan base would be sufficient to get the song into the charts with less sales that normally required; and the subsequent radio play and media coverage would give them the hit they all wanted. The band even teamed up with Big Jim for a photo shoot! Whatever the plan, it didn’t work.

Side 1

    1. Big Jim (John Meeks – Colin Radcliffe – Eddie Crotty)

Side 2

    1. Ee By Gum (John Meeks – Colin Radcliffe – Eddie Crotty)


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